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Outsourcing Software Products and Services

Presenters:   Joyce Statz, Debbie Yedlin, Carol Sheehan

Workshop Objectives: 

As a result of participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify key risk factors to outsourcing  of software and services
  • Maintain a catalog of commonly occurring risks in software acquisition
  • Leverage knowledge about risks to minimize problems that occur with outsourcing

Workshop  Description:

Over the last several years, the numbers and types of outsourcing arrangements made by organizations has accelerated dramatically.  Along with that growth, we have seen spectacular instances of increased productivity and  reduced cost.  However, we have also seen phenomenal failures, leading to retrenchment and “insourcing” of the work back to the acquiring organization.   In some cases, the supplier has gone out of business; in other cases, it was the acquirer who left the marketplace.

Lessons learned from these experiences are being captured in various ways – one of which is a catalog of risk factors.  In this session, we will briefly discuss a proactive risk management process, then focus our interactive group efforts on examining a current catalog of about 90 risk factors.  Based on the group discussions, we are likely to evolve that catalog to reflect the experience of participants.  In a similar way, organizations which use the risk factor tables continuously improve their chances of success by maintaining a current list of reminders to them of problems they need to avoid.

Materials Provided: 

  • Those who participate in the workshop will receive:
  • Copies of the presentation slides
  • Electronic copies of the acquisition risk factors, updated after the workshop

Bios of Presenters:

Dr. Joyce Statz

Dr. Joyce Statz focuses her consulting practice on enabling software organizations to maximize their productivity and competitiveness.   With more than 30 years of experience as an IT  professional, her consulting activities of the last 15 years have met needs of people ranging from CIO to individual developer.

She recently served as a Vice President in the Worldwide Services organization at  Borland, integrating process offerings into Borland’s software businesses.  That work followed on from the acquisition of TeraQuest, the software process improvement company that Joyce co-led for 12 years.  In addition, Joyce managed various levels of software development over a period of 15 years at Texas Instruments, as well as being an early proponent of software process improvement.  

Debbie Yedlin

Debbie Yedlin is currently a member of the Product Management Team in Research and Development at Borland Software Corporation.  At Borland she defines measurement and reporting capabilities for the Borland Application Lifecycle Management products.

She was formerly the Global Director of Verification & Validation, for the IT organization at General Motors,  Information Systems & Services (IS&S). At GM she was responsible for standard processes, testing, and quality standards for IS&S.  Debbie also developed the standard enterprise integration supplier contracts and the acquirer processes for GM that formed the “Third Generation Outsourcing” approach to manage GM’s IT suppliers.  Her work at GM was the catalyst for initiating development of a CMMI model designed for acquisition organizations.  Working in cooperation with the SEI, she was one of the authors of the  CMMI-ACQ Model, which was published by the SEI in June 2006.  She is also one of the primary authors of  CMMI for Outsourcing,  which was recently published in March 2007 by Addison-Wesley as part of the SEI Engineering Series.

Debbie joined General Motors in 1985 as Manager,  Financial Controls Analysis for GM’s Finance group, and became a Director of Information Security for IS&S in 1998. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism from the University of Michigan, a Masters of Science degree in Information Management from Wayne State University, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Oakland University.

Carol Sheehan

Ms. Sheehan has over 20 years of experience in a broad spectrum of the application development arena, encompassing hands-on experience in the technical aspects as well as management responsibility, consulting and training. Her primary focus and passion is in the area of the Program/ Project/ Portfolio management, with expertise in the design and implementation of Program/Project Management Offices, standard PM methodologies and competency growth programs. Organizations that she has worked with include product development, government, aerospace, financial and telecommunications companies.