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Leading from Within

Israel will present his ideas about Leading teams. You can read more about his views at Agile Thinkers, and The Agile Executive.

Slides from the presentation are available at The Agile Executive, Israel's blog.

About the Speaker

Israel Gat is broadly recognized as the father of the agile transformation at BMC Software, a systems management company that, under his leadership, has increased to 1,000 Scrum users from none in four years. Dr. Gat’s executive career has spanned some of the world’s top technology companies, including IBM, Digital, Microsoft, and EMC. In addition to his experience with industry giants, he is also well versed in growing smaller companies and has held advisory and venture capital positions for companies in new, high-growth markets. Dr. Gat holds a PhD in computer sciences from the Israeli Institute of Technology and an MBA from Clark University. He can be reached at isrgat@gmail.com.