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Charting the Course

Topic: New Product Development: From Concept to Cash

Abstract -- One of the most important tasks facing engineering managers is leading the efforts to deliver new products or services.  To help our Central Texas members, we plan a three-part series, offered in collaboration with other organizations, on the process of delivering new products.

For the purpose of illustration, we will focus on the hardware industry, although the process extends to other domains as well.

#2 -- Charting your course (February 28, 2006): Selecting the right products for your team.  The critical next step involves assessing your team's strengths and resources, and choosing the one or two product areas in which you can build a successful business.  We will consider a fascinating case study of how a group of leaders chose the right direction for their team. Our speaker is Mike Shultz, CEO of Infoglide Software.

Steven Teleki,
Jan 12, 2009, 7:20 PM