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Blogs to Books

Computer science impacts more and more of  everyone’s daily life: from the code that activates your car air bags, the iPod playing 10,000 songs hanging from your belt, to the SPAM in your mail box. As professionals; scientists, engineers, academicians, programmers, managers; we have more tools available to us for research, product development and teaching than ever before. We can take graduate students into the deep recesses of Bayesian theory and formal proofs. At the stroke of a few keys we can bring the most advanced super computer to a stop with our models of the upper atmosphere. But, we are ignoring the critical areas of ethics and system correctness. We are looking to build the next, great piece of technology but pushing aside imparting the ethics of not “stealing” through copying intellectual property or developing a new “Denial of Service” attack. We are pushing slick technology but ignoring the work of pushing the process of building working systems that get requirements correct and don’t fail to understand the same units of measure. In many ways we are ignoring the engineering and management of technology.

Professional societies – IEEE, ACM – seem to focus on academia, the public sector and research while commercial and private sector users need more attention. As professional technologists and technology managers, it is incumbent on us to share our knowledge, experiences and best practices. Publishing is still the best way to share that knowledge. This discussion will lead you through the publishing opportunities available today – from blogs to books. There are a wealth of paid and unpaid opportunities from your IEEE to your local business journal to the blogosphere.
Steven Teleki,
Jan 12, 2009, 7:46 PM