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Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard

Does your organization fire-fight the problems of the day? Do you sometimes wonder whether your organization fails to measure the right things – right? When improvements are made, do process changes often fail to stick or do people have difficulty locating projects’ saved money? This presentation describes a measurement and improvement strategy that addresses these issues and can take organizations to their next level.

To compete in today’s marketplace, employees must be aligned and working on what is valued by their customers. Organizations need to have a system that replaces fire-fighting activities with fire-prevention. In today’s economy, business' Existence (and Excellence) depends on More Customers and Cash; i.e., E=MC2. Organizations need to create an enterprise where everyone’s activity is aligned and driven toward effectively achieving MC2.  

Measurements drive activities; however, many measurements do not drive the most effective activity.  Described is a statistical-based measurement methodology that tracks an organization as an enterprise of interconnecting processes of supplier-customer relationships, which pulls for the creation of Six Sigma/Lean improvement projects that are in direct alignment with business needs.


For the price of a business card at the door, you can get at no charge an autographed copy of Forrest’s co-authored book, Wisdom on the Green: Smarter Six Sigma Business Solutions, or his new co-authored book Lean Six Sigma in Sickness and in Health.  Each book retails for $16.95.  

From these business cards, there will also be drawings at the end of his presentation for the 2nd edition of Implementing Six Sigma (1187 pages, $100 value) and Managing Six Sigma ($55.00 value).


Speaker Bio

Forrest Breyfogle is CEO and founder of Smarter Solutions, Inc.(www.smartersolutions.com), which was founded in 1992.  

Mr. Breyfogle has conducted many Lean/Six Sigma workshops, consulted, and given many presentations throughout the world, including interviews on CNBC Power Lunch and CNNfn MarketCall. Mr. Breyfogle is the author or co-author of seven books on Lean/Six Sigma methods, including Implementing Six Sigma, which is a primary body of knowledge reference for ASQ’s Black Belt certification examination. Mr. Breyfogle is an ASQ fellow and the recipient of ASQ’s 2004 Crosby medal for Implementing Six Sigma.